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This is a continuation of Part 1 where I described how Safe Remote Purchase works. In this blog post, I will document the process of executing the Safe Remote Purchase Smart Contract using Remix Solidity IDE and MetaMask, running on a Google Chrome browser.


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This is a continuation of the Going Dutch Smart Contract project that I started on 2nd Sep 2017. It has been a month, which is probably the equivalent of a year if you count in blockchain-time. Geth has gone from 1.6.7 to 1.7.2 and after upgrading my setup, I had to let it run overnight (in fast mode!) to sync my node to the block again.



This is a continuation of my post about Ethereum on the Cloud and Smart Contract execution with MetaMask. MetaMask is a Google Chrome extension and runs only on desktops. I wanted to execute Dapps on a mobile device on the go. Enters Status. Status is a mobile application on Android and iPhone. It allows you to run Decentralized apps, stores your ETH in a wallet and send/receive ETH from another person. It also runs like chatbot.

Installing Status


Mahesh Murthy has an amazing tutorial to setup an Ethereum environment to develop Truffle Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. You can read it here. Part 1 of the tutorial explains the architecture of the Ethereum platforms and lets you execute a smart contract via a simple web page that runs locally. The blockchain runs locally using testrpc.

In the second tutorial, Murthy deployed the smart contract on Ropsten, Ethereum's testnet blockchain and runs a Truffle Dapp web application to allow users to interact with the smart contract. The Dapp runs locally.