NFT Escrow Service: Business Logic
September 18, 2021

Trading NFTs and Ensuring Its Delivery

How do you ensure that the Non-Fungible Token (NFT…

NFT-Based Luxury Watch Certificate: Decentralized App Demo
September 12, 2021

A Decentralized App for Minting, Viewing and Transferring NFT-based Certificate of Authenticity for Luxury…

Introducing the Ethereum Development Environment: Part 2
August 26, 2021

Building & Deploying an Ethereum Decentralized App

Welcome back!

This is the…

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My Ethereum Development Toolchain

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NFT-Based Luxury Watch Certificate: How It Works
August 13, 2021

NFT-Based Luxury Watch Certificate

Folks who trade used luxury watches know how important it is for…

The Freelancer's Smart Contract: DApp Demo
May 22, 2021

The Freelancer's Decentralized Application

This is the 2nd part of a 4-part series that…

The Freelancer's Smart Contract: How It Works
April 18, 2021

Why a Freelancer's Smart Contract?

I began my career building software for companies as a…