EspressoLite Pulse Sensor with GPS

Read Part 1 here.

I updated the Pulse Sensor project to give the Pulse Receiver a GPS.

Now the Pulse Sender (the wearable that you will strap on your wrist) will send your pulse rate to the Pulse Receiver (which you will wrap around your waist) and then, apart from learning about your pulse rate, it knows where on earth you are.


I added a NEO-6M UBLOX module that I purchased from Taobao. It uses the TinyGPS++ library.


How It Works

Now, whenever the Pulse Receiver gets a pulse rate from the Pulse Sender, it locates itself and displays its latitude and longtitude on the OLED, together with the Pulse Rate.

How’s this useful and what’s next?

How is this going to be useful? At this point, not very since it just displays stuff on the OLED of the Pulse Receiver. But this project uses the ESP8266 chip, so it could potentially send pulse rate and geolocation to the cloud. If I could wear this on, say, my daughter Zoe, I can tell how fast her pulse is beating and if she’s in school or hanging out elsewhere. So if she’s supposed to be at the dinning table and her pulse is beating at 140bpm, I better hunt her down to find out why she’s been running circles around the table.

I could build a dashboard and access through a mobile app, pulse rates and geolocations of every family member I could convince to wear the pulse sender and pulse receiver. If you are one of those people who gets a twisted feeling of control over seeing the pulse rates and locations of all your loved ones, fork my codes on Github here.

I will really like to add on to the projects by building 2 more things:

  1. Send pulse rate and geolocation to the cloud via Wifi or Sigfox.
  2. Build a mobile app to read the information from the cloud.

But that’s work for another day.

Photo by Jamie Dench on Unsplash