September 3, 2017

EspressoLite Bluetooth-based Pulse Sensor

EspressoLite Bluetooth-based Pulse Sensor

I wish to build a Bluetooth-based pulse sensor. Imagine a Fitbit that takes your pulse rate as you exercise and send this data real-time to your mobile phone. Hardware The Espressolite is a ESP8266 based microcontroller and the one that I feel the most passionate about; it is built as a collaboration between Espert Pte Ltd, a Singapore

Webmin and Let's Encrypt on Google Cloud

Webmin and Let’s Encrypt on Google Cloud

Thanks to Google Cloud Platform’s free tier and $300 credit, I have been spending more time building on GCP. As I start to call GCP home, it’s time to dress it up. My objectives are as follows: Setup a web-based configuration tool. I lived through the command-line era of MS DOS in the 80s and